Requirements for P-YES Registration 2019/20220 – – If you are interested in applying for P-YES Scheme, you must first go through the requirements. This is what they are going to use to review all the applications submitted.

There is no doubt that thousands of Nigerians will apply for this wonderful opportunity. Your ability to make it will be determined from the requirements.

If you did not meet all the requirements, your application may not be successful. To that end, we advise that you take your time and go through the requirements before proceeding to the application portal to apply.

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It is important to note that the scheme will be accessible to the literate, semi-literate and the non-literate population.

The threshold for qualification is set at the basic ability and capacity to learn and be teachable.

To be successful, you must meet the enlistment conditions below.

P-YES Recruitment 2019 General Requirements

Applicant must be a Nigerian male or female between the ages of 18 and 40.

Applicant must have a means of identification (National Identity card, International Passport, Permanent Voters Card- PVC).

Applicant must provide a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify for benefitting from the scheme.

Ability to communicate in Basic English language and or any local Nigerian language.

Provable upright character and a stable mind.

Applicant must provide a guarantor preferably a community or religious leader.

Ability to secure the endorsement of a local government official.

Beneficiary should possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and mentor pairs within their communities.

Applicants Must Complete a guarantor’s form.

Download P-YES Applicants Guarantors Form Here

How to Start the Application Process?

After going through the requirements, the next step is to start the application by visiting the application portal online.

To apply, visit:

Enter your mobile number and email to continue with the application process.

Subsequently, you can login to your account and continue registration or check status by login to the portal here.

Drop a comment below if you have any question or try contacting P-YES

P-YES Registration Form 2019 & Recruitment Portal –

This is the official registration guide page of the P-YES Programme. If you’re yet to register, you will have to relax and read all you need to know about the scheme before preceding to download the registration form.

This page is for new applicants who want to sign up for the empowerment programme of the federal government of Nigeria.

If you have already registered but did not complete your application, you will have to go to the login portal and continue.

In the registration page, you will be prompted to enter your phone number and choose password after verification. To continue the application, you will also provide your registered phone number and password to login to the portal.

To Login to P-YES Application Portal, visit:

P-YES 2019 Registration/Application Procedures to follow

To start the application process, here are a few steps to take for a successful application. Be sure to follow it step by step if you want your application to be considered.

  1. Go through the requirements and see what you must have to do to qualify for the empowerment programme.
  2. After going through the requirement, visit the official registration portal to start off the application process. Be sure to have your phone number and email address ready to start with.

To check the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Recruitment Requirements, click here.

How to Apply for P-YES 2019/2020 Recruitment Online?

There are two Ways to apply for this latest opportunity in Nigeria. You can apply online by visiting the recruitment page or by filling the form at any of the p-yes offices nationwide

To apply online, visit

Follow the instructions on the portal to complete the application and make sure you did not submit your application twice.

How to Apply for Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Offline?

If you are not computer literate or don’t understand the online application procedures, you may apply for p yes programme offline.

How do you apply offline? They have offices nationwide. If you visit any of their offices, you will obtain the physical registration form.

Fill the form and submit back.

See the List of P-YES Offices here.

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P-YES Login 2019/2020 – Login to the Official Portal

Here is the login portal guide for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES). If you have done the one-time registration, you need to login to your account to keep updated.

If you’re yet to register, follow the registration link here to apply using your email and phone number only. You will also provide other supporting documents to show you meet all the specified requirements.

 About the Application Portal Login – https://p-yes/

Applications for the P-YES programme are to be made online through the official recruitment portal that will be specified here.

Interested applicants will have to login to and provide their email and phone number.

They will receive an authorization code to continue with the registration. It’s not compulsory to input your email but it’s advised to avoid an issue in getting your verification Pin.

Important Notice!

This is to inform all the applicants that P-YES Application is free, there is no registration fee attached to it.

Also, the selection will be free and fair to all. Do not listen to anyone that will ask you to bring money or other material things so as to help you in the selection process.

Be sure to make a good application, and then await the selection list.

How to Login and Apply for Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme

Ready to apply, it’s easy to apply for the empowerment programme. By submitting your email and phone number, you will be one step ahead of the application process.

To start the application, visit

Do not make multiple applications to avoid disqualification. Be sure to also go through the requirements and application procedures.

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