Become a seller

Nairabookstore is an online academic and book interface between authors, publishers, researchers and the readers, with easy to navigate website that gives flexibility to both authors and readers.

This platform has succeeded in matching academics with innovation, which falls in line with the 21st century growth for online studies.

Therefore, if you own book bookshop or you are a book author, book merchant or publisher, you can sell your books on and make money while seating back in relaxation. We have setup payment systems to make payments easy for buyers rather than having them go to the bank to pay for your Books, e-books, or textbooks.

What kind of books/materials can I buy at

Generally these materials can be in form of hardcopy books or e-books (PDF & MS word);

  • Bestselling books
  • Academic course materials & handouts
  • Text books
  • e-books ((PDF & MS word only)
  • Past questions and answers
  • Research project materials

Basically can sell books for the under-listed categories;

  • Bookshop owners
  • Book Authors
  • e-book authors
  • Freelancers
  • Book Publishers

How much do I get after I make a sale?

You will earn 70% of each sale you make. Your sales will be recorded in your dashboard and we will send out payments at the end of every month regardless of how much you have in your account. No thresholds.

You will earn 70% of each sale you make. The other 30% will be split between the affiliates (our users who help you promote your books) and the service provider (

In order to sell educational Books on, you will need to create a vendor account. Note takes commissions of 30% from any sales you make.

We accept materials like Educational textbooks of any institution, exam past Questions and answers of any level and also project topic and materials for final year students in higher institutions. Note that all materials will be in PDF or MS word format.

Benefit to authors/book sellers

  • Free online bookshop with full control
  • You can list and upload books/e-books anytime
  • Access to sales report in vendors’ dashboard
  • Get paid monthly/weekly
  • Free advertisement
  • Sell your books/materials across Nigeria and beyond
  • Grow reader followership
  • Free book reviews

How To Create Your Seller Account

Here’s what you need to know about each step of the selling process.

Step one

Hover your mouse at user sign-in/sign-up button at the top right corner of the computer screen and click on register;

Step two:

After clicking on the “Register” button on step one, the page below will display;

Click on “I am a vendor” to register as a book seller

Step three:

Fill out the form displayed accordingly to set up your vendor account and then click on “Register”

Step four:

After clicking register, Login with your email and password if your are not automatically logged in, then click on “Product” from the menu in your vendor dashboard; click on “add new product” on the right corner of your dashboard;


Step five; 

After clicking on “Add new product”, a form will pop-up –

  • enter your product name
  • input your product price and your discounted price
  • upload a cover image
  • select category
  • select tags
  • enter short description of your product

Then click on “create product” as highlighted above

Step six:

After clicking on “create product”, a another page will open with provision for more details on your product listing, first of all note the two highlighted buttons in the attached below:

If your product is a downloadable e-book check the button for “downloadable”, if you are selling a physical book, check for “virtual” ………

Step seven:

For your downloadable product click on “add files”, either a PDF of MS word – input the name of the file and upload. Specify the number of downloads a customer can have in a single purchase

Step eight:

Add a note which will be sent out as mail to customers after purchase, you can use the “purchase note” field on the form for that. Double check your listing is accurate and when you are satisfied with your product click on “save product” button. Wait for store managers to vet your listings and they will approve within few minutes if your product meets our requirement.

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