Agriculture is the most important sector in the Nigerian economy. It employs of Nigerians, including many rural women, and contributes up to of the country’s GDP. As in many other African countries, agriculture in Nigeria is largely focused on food crops for the domestic market, given the Nigerian population estimated at million people. In spite of this reality, Nigeria remains a net importer of food, for many reasons.

First of all, the majority of the agriculture-focused operations in the country are small-scale, with limited innovation regarding inputs, harvesting, processing, distribution, and access to markets. The vast majority of people engaged in agriculture operate at the subsistence level, are uneducated and have limited access to training. Moreover, of the country’s exports are dominated by petroleum and related products, which has shied focus away from agriculture.

As a result, until recently, there has been severe under investment in agriculture by the public and private sectors, civil society and bilateral and multilateral agencies. This has been intensified by weak, un-enforced, poorly implemented and often conflicting policies at all levels of the country.

Do you know that Agricultural businesses are the most lucrative businesses in the world? Apart from the low-cost of start up and running the business, agricultural businesses turn out a huge profit of up to 100%. With the increase in unemployment, young people are now embracing agriculture which was erstwhile considered a dirty business reserved only for the poor.

The trending challenge and impact of rural-urban migration have continued to generate great debates since the last three decades. Urban employment problems are a result of the phenomenal growth in urbanization and the inability of these urban centers to be able to utilize or absorb the urban labor that was created through the process of urbanization.

Approximately 50% of Nigerians are urban dwellers. At least 24 cities have populations of more than 100,000 Those moving from rural to urban areas constitute certain classes, categories and strata of the society that are basically plagued with certain social and economic problems in which poverty ranks highest and most fundamental.


Agricultural businesses can be started with little or no training. You do not need a special degree to start though you may need to spend some time learning about the intricacies of the business. So without wasting your time, this article will highlight in details, some lucrative business ideas and opportunities you can engage in in towns or villages rather than remaining unemployed.

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